Lemon Vine

PERESKIA aculeata
(per-ESS-kee-uh ak-yew-lee-AY-tuh)

This unassuming plant provides a unique opportunity to view an earlier phase of nature, frozen in time. While lemon vine with its broad lime-green leaves doesen't look like a cactus, it is like primitive cactuses before their complete adaption to the desert climates of America. If you look closely, you will see that it shares some cactus family traits like the paired spines at the base of each leaf stem. New Growth has a reddish cast to it. This plant is also known as the Barbados gooseberry or "leafy cactus", and is found throughout the tropics. Excellent for Hangers.

Light: High to very high light near a filtered sunny window.

Temperature: 55 to 85 Can tolerate 45F without damage.

Water: Allow the surface of the potting mixture to dry out between waterings.

Humidity: Low (10% or more)

Fertilization: Apply every 1-2 months during active growth, otherwise apply every 3 months.

Propagation: Tip cuttings of 4 to 6 inches or leaf bud cuttings.

Special Care: Pinch back tips of new growth to stimulate bushiness. Prune and shape every 3 months.

Common Problems: If leaves develpe white or yellow specks, check for spider mites on underside of leaves; if present, spray with appropriate pesticide.

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